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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 19, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>>neil: timing is everything, anything wrong with this image? >> i am excited to see mickey, it is always nice to meet a world leader would has bigger ears than me. >>neil: the president in orlando, florida, the land of mickey the kay he -- day he launch as campaign that could strike some at -- as icky. no one is bidding for solyndra and folks are not suing over the
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pipeline but the president is showcasing what she doing on energy and a pollster cannot believe it. but, tom, leaving aside how it looks is it resonating? >>guest: well, his ads? >>neil: the fact selling the green technology on the day where he is talking about a turn around in the economy. >>guest: no, i don't that it is. this, the fact that obama has placed ads this early and the states he placed them in, michigan, ohio, wisconsin, iowa, show their campaign is concerned about how the issue will play in the general election. you saw the two components of the ads he is running. one is defending the green energy program. and, also, saying he is running a very ethical administration, and that, also, is a tip they are worried about the baggage of solyndra and the insider dealing that deal, the way that went down. it will be an issue in the general election. >>neil: but if i know solyndra is out there, do i want did show
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solar panel anything? wouldn't i keep solar panels, no matter if i believe it or not, it just doesn't look good. >>guest: well, look, the green jobs patrol was a central plank and he cannot abandon that, and go off and say it fails he has to continue to push forward with that because --. >>neil: show wind. when you show solar panels and you are reminded of a solar panel maker you do not have to be a pulitzer prize winner to know that is not a good optic. >>guest: well, obviously the obama administration feels strongly enough about it they put it on television. >>neil: do you think people will be able to differentiate solar panels are one thing and a failed maker is another? >>guest: he is trying to say the green energy sector if particular is adding jobs and he
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will try and pick solyndra and paper over it with a broader brush, of course, that is what they have to do and what they want did do for the election. i do think, knell, -- neil the pipeline decision is a big problem. he will say i will go around congress, the republicans are obstructing and do what i have to do to create jobs and his decision on the point line contradicts that message so that is something they will have to work through. >>neil: good to see you, tom, thank you. the president does push green we are saying a lot more green, 83 percent more since the president first took office, 160 percent more for oil. and the president might have it -- an interest in keeping them high. >>guest: he is in the pocket of big green. he has sold its presidency on the green figure agenda at a time, really, when he has been
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hands the biggest gift by the energy industry of any president in modern history with the new technologies that could actually be used today to keep gasoline and heating oil prices and oil prices down but he refuses to do it because i think he is out of touch and he is one of most interring presidents we have had. >>neil: the price is stubbornly high and fear of unrest in iran or the straits hormuz but is there a connect between the president's green technology push, most people are open to wind and solar, but they say not at the expanse of our traditional fossil fuels. is that part coming around to hit him? >>guest: i think so, because he is stopping traditional energy sources. he doesn't want old energy sources he wanted new energy
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sources. >>neil: i want to be clear, his ad includes oil and that sort of thing looking at whole oil equation, but, but, but, that was my next question, you don't think that his actions match that ad? >>guest: no, in fact, when he made his speech about killing the keystone pipeline he said well under my administration oil and natural gas production has gone up but that is not because of him but in spite of him. the energy industry has to fight tooth and nail to produce. we have seen under this president stricter epa regulations. we have seen, drilling moratorium. now they are talking about a natural gas moratorium. and in the most punitive epa rules we have ever seen in this country. it has done everything to keep prices high at a time when the economy is struggling and as an american consumer i am angry and i think a lot of people are
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because i think that the president could do a lot today to ease the pain of america by lowering prices but he refews to do it mainly because of his green ideology and his grown agenda. >>neil: good to see you. thank you very much. now to south carolina and the good, the bad, and the ugly for newt gingrich today. the go he just picked up outgoing presidential candidate rick perry's endorsement and he is on top. the bad new numbers show rick santorum is doing well, as well, and, in fact, won in iowa and that could give rick santorum some new momentum in south carolina. now the ugly, the party you have heard about newt's private life being played out his ex-wife coming out swinging. >> he said, yes, you want me all to yourself. she doesn't care what i do. >> what was he saying? >> he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> he wanted an open marriage?
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>> that i accept the fact that he has somebody else if his life. >> and you said what? >> no. no. no. >>neil: does that matter? a good many of them were featured in an article interview that she had done some time back, so, is it new? is it different? a game changer? psychology export says it is absolutely a turn, and my second guest disagrees. you think so. explain. >>guest: well, since the moment that kennedy stepped up and thought about hair and makeup at camera he changed politics and it became about what you look like. celebrity. celebrity culture was born and over the years politicians and celebrity are so intertwined. john mccain tweeted snooki. so you get to a point where you want to know about their lives and the personal life matters. it shouldn't. the platform is what is important but what they do in the bedroom is how a lot of us vote. >>neil: a lot of this we have known, about the past marriages,
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he has talked about it and said he made peace with god about it, his own daughters have come out saying they stand by him. what do you make of this? >>guest: that is kind of where i was going to go, this is america. people forgive people. there is at some point we have to look toward the past as something he did, but toward the future is what he may do. and, look at the agenda politically. the personal likes and what happens in someone's bedroom is not really for any of us to entertain a full discussion on, we don't know what was this, i'm not claiming anything she says is wrong, right, if she is lying she is telling the truth, i don't want to know and i don't know right now that the american public wants to know that but they want to know, how can you put money in my pocket because we are in a recession? how can you bring us out of this war? how can you help us move ahead as a country? >>neil: that was bill clinton's argument. >> i do think it is very, very --. >>neil: but it is about
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character. right? maybe it shouldn't matter, but it does if a bible state like south carolina it z it breakdown this way with women who are conserved and men a little less so, that might shock you. what do you make of that? >>guest: we have too access to our politicians and celebrities because of the internet, and twitter, and facebook, we have so much information. it becomes overwhelming and you start to infuse what is going on with them personally with what is going on politically and you judge a person in a more global sense. >>neil: why do women judge these issues with a bit more just any? >>guest: women are more emofficial. the kind of relationships we have, face-to-face relationships, men have side-by-side relationships they go to sporting events and we care about emotions and we want to hear your excretes, cry to us -- to hear your secrets, cry to us. >>neil: but in south carolina could it hurt?
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with the female vote? could it hurt? he is getting traction, boom. >>guest: right now, the interview is very well timed for his opposition, issue, it could. will it? i don't think so. i think we already know. he has accepted this. he has moved on from it. he has definite at this timely said this were issues to his past likes and personal life that he is not proud of but he has moved forward from it. >>neil: i agree with that, but all this stuff was then but when you get specifics on it, people do start saying, did bill clinton as she says really say you are just like me, newt? did he really say, i want an open marriage? it opened up old wounds the details of which we had not heard before. the story line is familiar. what i am saying is that the chapter headings are different. >>guest: but the thing is not end, so what?
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if you support newt gingrich that is your guy. he who casts a first stone --. >>neil: but in that state --. they feel very strongly about --. >>guest: if they, if he is their guy, why does it matter? >>neil: if she their guy that is one thing but if they are thinking about it. >>guest: wait, wait, the conservatives are strong on forgiveness, acceptance and future. this is not something that is happening right now. with bill clinton that was something while he was in office, there were allegations. so far in the past i don't know that it is necessarily going to affect people so deeply because he had accepted it and moved forward from it. >>neil: but does it cast a seed of doubt? the people start saying, well, i always think when people go to the polls they like a reason to vote for someone but they like to be reminded why not to vote.
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>>guest: the people who are for that sort of thing were thinking open marriage, i wasn't going to vote for this guy now he is my guy. how about those people? that will influence them in a positive way? >>neil: i don't think there are that many and not that many in south carolina. >>guest: it would be surprised. there is a whole industry based on that, called pornography, men lover sex, that is all there is so it. >>neil: men would be less inclined to be worried and women will. and his voting, the people drawn to him have been, largely, men, and i am just wondering, that could be enough to coast to the nomination. >>guest: i think even some women could just say, you know, this is just so far in the past, it is so negative, also, and --. >>neil: so the character issue doesn't matter to you? you are saying, look, that could be an issue but it is not an issue for you. >>guest: can i judge his character based on an interview with an ex-wife? i'm not sure. if it is a trial,
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granded, if they were there i cross-examined both to get to the truth. >> we should not care about his personal life, it is none of our business. you are going to lower my taxes and balance the budget, that is all that matters. >>neil: you both have a jaded view about men. in the meantime, does anyone wonder, why is this dog barking? bark, bark, bark! i think that is a male dog, too. south carolina primary coverage, barking as the ladies were talking want dozen fine out which candidate is all bark and no bite. we will have all the top dogs on fox business network in politics and money. forget fox news and for get cnn we are watching fox business network 6:00 p.m. eastern,
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woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?
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[ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >>neil: and a kick in the mitt from 2-0 to 1-1. rick santorum finally besting him in iowa by 34 vote. not official, official. but it certainly is a reversal. political watcher says maybe had could hit mitt romney's mojo. it changes things, right new are
4:18 pm
going 2-0. you have the flow. looking like you are leading in south carolina, and, boom. what does it mean? >>guest: neil, it was the talk in south carolina that mitt romney having won iowa, having won new hampshire, if he won south carolina the nomination would be his. and then there were whispers, what if it turned out he did not win iowa and there were changes going on with the count inside iowa and now we fine out that rick santorum won by 33 votes so instead of having won iowa and new hampshire mitt romney is 1-1 and south carolina is more important. >>neil: this were eight districts they did not get a final vote or official tally or sanctioned tally, so there will always be a question over iowa, whoever wins. but, back to your point about the 1-1 thing and now, the decline poll numbers going into the weekend in south carolina,
4:19 pm
does he have anything to worry about? >>guest: well, obviously, if he were to lose south carolina he would be in a weaker position than before. but romney has always said and it is true he is prepared for the long run. he is prepared for a hard campaign in florida if need be. he is prepared for a hard campaign through february to super tuesday in march, and so of the candidates in temperatures of the money, the staff, the planning, the organization, romney is in the best position in there is a long campaign. >>neil: if you are bear with my analysis, there is a weird way to interpret the news if you are romney out of what with as a boon to you, that it strengthens santorum and eats into newt gingrich and maybe i can, that is, governor romney, run up the middle and still win. >>guest: well, this is that possible.
4:20 pm
and, certainly, the race to be the non-romney or the anti-romney simplified a little bit today with the exit of governor perry from the race, but, look, a couple of days ago the conventional wisdom was that romney won iowa now it is that rome any lost iowa so even though the margins were incredibly close and they were a virtual ties there are still eight precincts never counted and, by the way, that has been true with the past two they is never gotten every single one. it is just that races were so close it did not matter. so, look, romney is gone from having won iowa to not having won iowa. >>neil: thank you. in the meantime, with a pipeline now a pipe dream don't blame the president, blame nebraska? that is what the governor of montana told me so i thought, why not get the governor of nebraska on to try to get this
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>>neil: so take that in your pipe and smoke it as the president "shucks" fans for a pipeline, one governor is pointing the finger at the corn husker state. i signed off in montana on the pipeline but the state department asked to sign off on a pipeline to nowhere. >>neil: so when the president make as statement like he did today this was being rushed by the house republicans what was he talking about? >> can you not sign this until nebraska has a route. >>neil: i was scratching my head and i thought i got to call the nebraska republican governor. governor, good to have you.
4:25 pm
>>guest: neil i'm glad to be here to set the record straight. >>neil: what happened? he is blaming you and officials in your state not getting your act together. tell me. >>guest: well, first of all, i like the governor but the fact of the matter he is he is protecting his democratic buddy, president obama. we ought to put party politics aside, do what best for america, and the president should have said yesterday, i approve the pipeline, transcanada was willing to begin construction of the northern border and the southern border, headed to nebraska, there are three states above us and below us, and they would have to construct the pipeline before they get to nebraska, while we conclude a final supplemental environmental impact statement on a route we are confident will be approved. >>neil: but you said he had not done that. i want to be clear he said you had not do it it what to be connected because because it is not consider add finished plan and nebraska is not done.
4:26 pm
>>guest: well, that is not totally accurate. i agree with what he is saying we are changing the route slightly but the old route that was proposed in the state department said was okay was through the most environmentally sensitive going through the most environmentally sensitive portion of nebraska called the sand hills and we are just going to move it a few miles to the east through less environmentally sensitive areas so i don't have any doubt the environmental impact statement will be approved, it will be okay from that perspective. this is what we normally call out here not midwest use a little common sense, approve the route, toen to move forward above and below us, and by the team they get to nebraska we will have our part done. >>neil: you are much more attuned to your neck of the woods but how i read this if my layman's assessment here, would be when you are going to a closing, and your lawyers telling you, you are not going to have any problems everything
4:27 pm
is approved and we have the forms but you do not have your check for the realtor or your check for: occupancy clearance from the town officials, in other words, you might be on parent ready to go but you don't have the papers to say you are ready, so you can't go, and the closing is delayed. that is essentially what the montana governor was saying, you guys in nebraska, not trying to cause any fights between you, but you guys were not ready, and, they could not close and now you goes blaming president obama. >>guest: well, that's not entirely accurate. the fact is we had a route through the environmentally sensitive part of nebraska that was okay with the state department. so, this is when time where i think, i understand what you are saying, transcanada is perfectly willing to go ahead with what i would describe as a conditional "yes," with the understanding that nebraska will get its job done. and i'm here to tell you, we
4:28 pm
will get our job done. the governor said he would bet $100 the president would approve it. i bet him $100 that nebraska gets its job done so let's get moving and put american jobs first. >>neil: so in are no $10,000 bets going on here. for now. >>guest: i'm going to avoid that one but i'll be glad to take bryan's $100. >>neil: or one of those ties. good to have you. who says the pipeline needs the president's blessing? at 6:00 p.m. i want you to meet the utah senator who is pushing for a plan to push past the big guy, milk lee -- mike lee will be here. only on fox business network. in south carolina newt gingrich is staying tightlipped about his, buy. >> i've been very open about my life, very open about mistakes i have made, i've been very open
4:29 pm
about needing to go for god for forgiveness. i will not say anything about my wife, my two deepwaters daughtey are prepared to speak on the record if you would like to talk to them and several people with knew the situation are prepared to speak on the record. i'm not getting involved. >>neil: but will the involve involve itself in the numbers on saturday? carl cameron is on the road. carl? >>carl: well, there are a lot of undecided in south carolina but this is the type of an issue because newt gingrich has dealt with it for so long and has been so candid about his ... seeking of reconciliation with his family and asking forgiveness of god, all of these things, that this is the real possibility that it could cause a backlash against those who would utilize it for political gain.
4:30 pm
newt gingrich has been asked about it over and over and his daughters did release a statement saying divorce is tragic and regretful, regrettable, and often there are differences in memories of events and newt gingrich is steering colleague of it. but his rivals have also steered clear of it. this would seem to be the kind of thing that the media has taken a great fascination in but the voters this south carolina frankly are aware of it, they know about it and fine it distasteful but they find it distasteful to get all the attention. so it could go in his favor if it causes a backlash against the media. having said that today was a consequential day on the trail because of that, we lost rick perry as a candidate who endorsed newt gingrich. and rick perry was aware of the controversy. and, rick santorum has come out ahead on the iowa caucuses
4:31 pm
having bested mitt romney and today, rick santorum is calling himself the vickor in iowa and he has the vote certification to prove it. >>neil: thank you, and e-mailers are wondering tell us you are not driving the car. that is a cool shot. i digress. carl cam rome moves driving miss daisy moment. why does las vegas smell a rat about president obama visiting orlando today? that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah...
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>>neil: we have earnings coming out, coming out fast and furious. we do follow some of the important ones and you hear a lost discussion about meeting or beating not what they were a year ago, that is inconsequential in this day, but the estimates, what folks in the wall street community think. if you are microsoft you did better than you thought, beating estimates with earnings that came in around $6.62 billion. and that is a hilling less than last year, and very little less, but it does beat estimates and that is the name of the game. and they had almost $21 billion smackers in overall sales. the flip sued: google can report 6 percent gain in the latest
4:36 pm
fourth quarter but when it misses the estimates and it comes in at only $2.71 billion, it is a disappointment and punishes the stock after hours which would appear to be the case, so microsoft beats and google does not. do you remember this? anyone? >> times are tough you tighten your belts and do not employee money on las vegas when you are saving for college and prioritize. >> the people of nevada remember that and they never forgot it and they are still not happy. so, imagine their surprise when they saw the president today at the happiest place on earth touting terrorism, and former nevada candidate says he should have been in las vegas. always good to have you. your point was, it is notçó bado be at disney or, orlando but after all the bashing specifically over las vegas he could have done more help to be there.
4:37 pm
>>guest: it would have been a tremendous help. he is, in fact, coming to nevada nextñiñr week and i am hoping he says something good about our not like he did three years ago when he said, to the world, don't come to las vegas. >>neil: he has apologized and come back again and again and told others and the city officials no harm was intended and he feels bad if that was the case but the wounds do not heal easily. >>guest: the ramifications of what he said three years ago was that, of course, we had the recess and we are a tour in-based industry and a lot of conventions didn't come, tourism plummeted and we are still very high unemployment, the highest in the country, highest in foreclosure. because people do not have jobs. we are still feeling the ramification. the irony of what he did today
4:38 pm
in florida is that there is already a bill in congress presented by our nevada congressman, h.r. 3039 with a very similar tourism idea and if the president was doing something sincere and he wanted it to go through congress all he has to do is rush that bill through congress and give it to his trend, harry reid and he could sign that bill rather than taking the credit himself. >>neil: thank you very much we will see what happens. thank you, former nevada senate candidate. in the meantime, with the speaker surging, look who team romney is unleashing, john sununu. this guy is a pistol. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. >>neil: not saying the momry campaign is worried about the speaker's latest surge but when it is it brings out the big dogs and this guy is a big dog, the
4:42 pm
former governor of new hampshire. very few articulate the argument for mitt romney than john sununu and he is in your face about it. governor thanks for coming. >>guest: are you making fun of my size? >>neil: i would not go there, governor. what do make of that? you get if people's face and our journalist's face, but, do you feel that the governor is in some trouble? >>guest: no. this is primary season. primaries are continue any elections. you are electing between people that have virtually the same views on all the major issues so what make as difference usually is the nuance or character issues or whatever and that is where you are right now. >>neil: in a state like south carolina, different than new hampshire, the economy is worse in your home state, suddenly people are getting nervous about this red meat politics, seems to
4:43 pm
retail better here and newt gingrich seems to serve that audience well in the last debate and he will be probably redelivering that or reheating it up tonight but other issues are coming up like the former wife's comments. how will it go down? >>guest: look, we are getting to a point where people have to start recognizing they are selecting a nominee to run against the obama administration with $1 billion. and they know how tough a campaign obama can run so it is crazy to send a candidate that has huge baggage. so, now is the season to get the baggage out and, today, i commented a little bit earlier on the fact that speaker gingrich still has that baggage behind closed doors of the ethics committee that fined him $300,000, three out of four republicans voted against him so it has to be really bad, and, nancy pelosi was on that, so, what nancy pelosi knows, president obama knows, so, in
4:44 pm
the contempt of getting everything out, i really suggest that the speaker get that out, now, and see how that is dealt with in the public domain. >>neil: he has backed off that, the bain capital criticism but, only partly. saying that this has to be a different way for capitalism to pursue its goals. i am paraphrasing. but he is not giving up. >>guest: it is a disgrace the fact is here is a man who supposedly understands free enterprise and capitalism and in order to deal with his own ego he is willing to attack a fundamental principle not only of the republican party but a fundamental principle of what makes this country great. it is typical of the speaker he will do anything that magnifies his position and doesn't really carry about the consequences. this is a great country. jobs are important. you need investment capital to
4:45 pm
create jobs and no matter how he tries to repackage it he still is on the wong side of american's job engine. >>neil: do you thing the issue of his former wife coming out on abc and saying this stuff, she has said in prior interviews i believe, but she detailed them more, should be an issue in the debate? should come up? the other candidates including mitt romney have not brought it up? >>guest: why want did go there that is between newt gingrich, his wives and abc. >>neil: so if it does come up is it a mistake? >>guest: the voters have to make a decision on stuff like that. they have to decide whether it is relative or not. it is not the kind of thing i like to get involved in. and i don't think governor mitt romney likes to be involved and i don't think the credible republican candidates will get near that. >>imus: chris christie says that mitt romney should release the taxes.
4:46 pm
do you agree? >>guest: i think they will get released. this is always an exercise in journalism in a campaign, just a question of time timing and i suspect by the time i send in my taxes in april his will be public. >>neil: but the wrap is they are delaying it until he comes close to clinching the nomination. what do you say? >>guest: well, you think people will be surprised this is a wealthy man? what in there could surprise anyone? the amount of money? the huge amount that he gives to charity and to the church? >>neil: get it out there. get it out there. show the world. >>guest: i'm absolutely convinced it is coming up. until will but in the until april? >>guest: i don't. >>neil: okay. always a pleasure, john sununu, thank you. by the way, we did call newt gingrich and we hope to get back
4:47 pm
or hear back from him. if it is good enough for a democratic governor and good enough for 51 million working members why isn't it good enough for unions? . rt. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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>>neil: 401(k) not okay for new york state workers fighting the plan of the governor who is trying to save the state $80 billion if lower pension-related costs over three decades but my guest says, president of the new york public employees federation says it would not be good, period. welcome, thank you for coming. the governor wants to give you guys the option, just the option at first, you do not want to
4:51 pm
consider that? >>guest: no, not at all. it is a step away from the obligation the state has to its year public employees. people give their lives to public service for a lower pay than they could make outside public service and the reward they get is they at least have a decent pension when they leave. if you cut back on that, why would people go into public service? >>neil: it is not always lower pay. so many of the private workers, the folks and citizens who pay for public workers, they are happy to do so, for the police, the fire and teachers they have migrated to 401(k) plans and the days of the guarantee pension are like the do do bird, why sunday you guys recognize the same reality. >>guest: well, a lot of those public employees have not gone to 401(k)'s they still have defined benefit plans because define benefit plans at least take care of them if retime.
4:52 pm
>>neil: they did for private workers. >>guest: right. but most private workers in their 401(k) plan average $71,000 in that 401(k) and you can not live on the investment returns to that. the average pension that public employees have new in new york state is only $19,000 a year. so if you want to do something to reduce that you will throw more people out on public assistance which taxpayers cannot afford. >>neil: but you cannot afford the way we are going. right? there are a lot of companies that have gone belly up that made generous promises of pensions at a time when they could affords it, and now, fell on bad times or bad management and now people experience the reality of being paid pennies on the there are and the governor of new york is saying, and the governor of new jersey, governors of all strikes, they are saying, something has to give here. we have to change this or everyone will lose.
4:53 pm
>>guest: and if there is mismanagement that need toes to be corrected. in new york state this is no mismanagement of the pension fund. they can pay the obligations without changes and it would be healthier if the state had not reneged on the payments for several years. the only reason it is paying more now is because it is the same thing if you didn't pay your mortgage for a couple of years and the banks said we just caught on to this now you have to make double payments. >>neil: but people paying in for those getting money out, right? >>guest: well, that is what, like social security is. people are not getting rich off social security, either. but you start putting in and years later you take out. >>neil: if only it worked out that way. >>guest: i represent doctors and nurses, engineers, social workers and they could make more money in large companies or if private employment, their own practices, but they decided to serve the public and take less money often tens of thousands of
4:54 pm
dollars less but they knew they would get something back in the end. >>neil: thank you very much, sir. when we come back, j.f.k., president obama, donald duck. we connect. you decide. and when camry became the number-one selling car in america 10 years running, we blushed. ♪ the reinvented 2012 camry. from toyota. ♪
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how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. >> neil: you know they think john kennedy refused to wear hats or be photographed wearing hat, especially silly hats. a top hat briefly on his inauguration, okay. but any other hat, any other day not okay. he hold it and wave it, but he would never ever wear it. aapparently j.f.k. confided once to his brother bobby, once you do, somebody snaps a picture of it and you will never be the better of it. fast forward to michael dukakis 20 years later when his campaign went in the tank. handlers are not supposed to
4:58 pm
let that kind of stuff happen to their bosses. how in mickey mouse's magic kingdom did the president's handlers let this happen? barack obama at disney world talking up an economy in the land of make believe. you have can't make this up. goofy, anyone? for the press, this story is fantasia. talk about a treasure island probe for the comics, where do i begin? the president was set to announce the new secretary treasurer at cinderella's ball but donald duck left him with the bill. i'm being funny or trying to but disney world is not the place you make a serious pitch for anything ever. if you do, do not debut an ad campaign featuring the wonders of green technology on the same day. it might be great for epcot but jimminie cricket,
4:59 pm
mr. president. i'm not trying to winnie the pooh-pooh all of this but you blew it. the seven dwarfs of advisors should pay for it. poison apples for the lot of them, because they should burn in ariel for this and high tail it to sebastian under the sea. i'm not son. all the spoonfuls of sugar won't help this image go down. you do not have to be one of the little icons to see talking at disney world made you look like the mad hader. you just clawed your way out of an economic prior patch, mr. president. bambi into the peter pan. ain't that a stitch? don't look now, mr. president. you were captain hook. the next time your secretary mentions orlando anything, you say alex, to the moon! and keep saying to infinity and beyond. plum out of analogies. coming up, why is this guy, this particular guy


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